Concept 265 GT
Concept 265 GTConcept 265 GTConcept 265 GTConcept 265 GTConcept 265 GTConcept 265 GT

Concept 265 GT

JAESPA Concept 265 GT - Manual Bandsawing Machine for mitre cuts to both sides, with turntable – scissor-type execution

  • Infinitely saw feed regulation via fine regulating valve
  • Manual material clamping. Quick-acting clamping vice, usable left and right of sawband
  • Turntable with ball bearings, locking and quick-action clamping, for the reception of sawbow. Easy manual tilting of sawbow to mitre cuts
  • Easy sawband change by front access of wheel protection door
  • Material feed possible from left or right
  • Manual sawbow lifting
  • Material length stop
  • Infinitely sawband drive, inverter controlled 15-100 m/min (option - FU version)
  • Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) (option)


JAESPA Concept Scissor - type execution (Brochure Download .pdf)JAESPA general 2019 (Brochure Download .pdf)JAESPA general 2020 Engl. (Brochure Download .pdf)

Gütesiegel Forschung und Entwicklung

Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.
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45239 Essen

Technical Data
 30°L45°L90°45°R30°RBlade Motor PowerBlade dimensionsBlade speedFeeding length single stroke
Cutting capacity Ø 190Ø 240Ø 260Ø 240x1,1/1,53340x27x0,937/74x


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