Vertical and horizontal Bandsawing Machines

The company has been founded by Karl Jäger and the company’s name has been created by the initial letters of Jaeger Spangenberg, that is JAESPA.

From the very first JAESPA specialized in the production of bandsawing machines. Today the programme comprises bandsaws in vertical and horizontal execution for the cutting of metals up to a capacity of 1.500 mm. Beside the serial production, JAESPA acquired a reputable name in the design special executions.
We are able to propose tailor-made solutions for the cutting of even exotic kinds of material such as quartz glass, silicon, ceramics, titanium etc..
200 machines are manufactured yearly. Steel blue giants with weights between 400 kgs and 8 tons. A big portion of our production is exported. However most of the machines are sold to domestic customers
An example for an especially huge model is the H-AS 2000 applied for the cutting of bulky parts up to 2000 x 2000 mm. This kind of saw is used e.g. for retreating works of nuclear power plants.

The smallest JAESPA bandsaw is our model Concept 250 GT, a solid machine for mitre cuts to both sides with turntable and cast-iron sawband guide arms. Especially with mitre cutting saws our production range has been extended during the last months.
Beside the conventional vertical mitre cutting saw of our Classic series, 4 new models have been designed in horizontal version. Also for smaller material cross sections a solid 2-column bandsaw e.g. model Concept 330/500 PG is now available.

The bigger 2-column saws of our SG-line are equipped with extreme tilting of sawframe for the economic cutting of profiles with approx. 8° tilt (and more).
Also the so-called „Automat“ has been modernized: By our model Compact 3.8 we were able to introduce a real new development.
The automatically operating Compact 3.8 disposes of two servo drives with ball screws for saw feed and material feed, equipped with NC control and 7” coloured touch screen as well as fully hydraulic sawband tension.
The JAESPA marketing concept has again been improved. Now we are able to train and instruct our customers either at site or in our demonstration center.

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