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65 years competence at sawing

1957 the JAESPA Maschinenfabrik in Spangenberg has been founded by Karl Jäger. The company’s name was created by the initial letters of JAEGER/SPANGENBERG. On foundation a small team of specialists started with the production of vertical and horizontal bandsawing machines. At that time they were pioneers of a new branch of industry, the manufacture of bandsawing machines for metal processing. Nowadays JAESPA bandsaws cut almost all materials such as steel, aluminium, graphite, quartz glass, silicon, ceramics to name but a few. 

Today as 65 years ago – an expert team guarantees quality

The today’s crew has grown to approx. 40 employees and with them knowledge and competence. Then as now JAESPA attached importance to a thorough qualification. Technical know-how and experience assure the manufacture of machines on highest level being the base for our success.  

Flexibility by long lasting experience

The first years after foundation were primarily limited to the manufacture of serial products. Based on this knowledge and ability another focus became more and more evident – the development of custom-tailored machines in special execution.
Today individual customer requirements are realized on a production surface of 3.500 m2. JAESPA offers economic solutions including conveying and measuring systems.

JAESPA Bandsawing Machines – high performance precision in series

JAESPA keeps in store a standard solution for almost all requirements. The product lines amount to approx. 60 serial models: Vertical bandsaws for cut-off widths up to 2000 mm and horizontal machines with capacity up to 1.300 mm. A wide scope of mitre cutting bandsaws for horizontal, vertical and shifter cuts complete the serial programme.   

The name JAESPA symbolizes customer satisfaction

Knowing customer’s requirements enables the satisfactorily realization. It is a JAESPA principle to define the technical execution of the machine together with the customer by detailed preliminary discussions. 

Rooted in Spangenberg – represented worldwide

Since the year of foundation, JAESPA participates in national and international exhibitions. In exchange with an interested expert audience, ideas for new products are created here.

Convince yourself – Test our machines in our technology centre 

Our demonstration hall offers the possibility for our customers to test the machines. JAESPA  invites to come and see the know-how acquired during the last 65 years. 

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